Honda Power Equipment


Raising the bar on everything! GX630 Honda V-twin engines offer higher horsepower, improved adaptability, quiet operation and greater fuel efficiency.


Farmers, worry no more about parasites; the Honda Back Sprayer is here to get rid of them! Equipped with a mini 4-stroke Honda GX35 engine, a big size tank and detachable nozzle holder- this masterpiece get the job done right every time at any time!


Farmers, worry no more about parasites! Get the Honda Backsprayer, today! Equipped with a mini 4-stroke Honda GX25 engine, a big size tank and detachable nozzle holder- this masterpiece get the job done right every time at any time!


This environmentally friendly machine is a force to reckon with! Built as a commercial product and compact in design, it is no joke that this versatile brushcutter is the right one for the job. Its 4-Stroke, OHV single cylinder engine ensures high quality performance, with no smoking and quiet running. It is easy to start and maintain.


Breaking the ground without breaking a sweat! Meet the Honda innovative tiller (FJ500) that is ideal for cultivation purposes. Built with a GX160 engine and known for handling heavy-duty jobs, it is no surprise that this product is widely accepted. With a perfect balance, versatility and easy starting mechanism, the FJ500 should be on your list of “must-haves” equipment.


This environmentally friendly Honda Lawnmower features a reliable 4-stroke engine which guarantees a smooth, quiet performance and low emission. It is built to handle those extended lawn jobs and beautify your environment. For excellent performance choose this Honda Lawnmower today!


Honda takes pride in presenting a product that is eco-friendly and industrious. The durable and high performer- GX390 Engine is all this much and more. This easy to use and maintenance machine is suitable for heavy-duty jobs due to its tough parts and built. Also, it is quite notable for its efficient fuel economy, easy starting and performance.


Similar to the other GX models, this engine is another classic invention by Honda but with more power. It not only gives a high output but is also fuel efficient, exceptionally quiet and performs smoothly. It has a proven track record of durability and standard.


Honda GX270 is one of the best within the heavy-duty engine line. If you are considering the option to have more power, effective fuel consumption and lower noise, the GX270 will definitely be the right choice. Perfect engine for agricultural equipment, pressure washer, generator and other industrial use.


GX200 is a heavy-duty engine that gives more power (4.1kW/3600 rpm) to those who may need it. Ideal for construction and industrial use and carries similar durability (and performance) as the other GX models.

GX 160

Honda GX model is another masterpiece engine known for its heavy-duty usage. The GX160 is no exception to this! Ideally suitable for construction equipment, tillers, generators, welders and other industrious works, this engine withstands its toughest competitors. It carries an automatic decompression system which caters for easy maintenance.


This fuel-efficient engine provides the option for domestic and other applications that is light in nature. It carries the same OHV design and easy to maintain and start. Also, it gives a net power of 4.3 kW/3600 rpm which makes it an engine you can rely on.


GP160 Honda Engine is suitable for a variety of light work such as home-use tillers, aerators, and other applications. Its OHV design enhances combustion efficiency and it is easy to start.


Honda WT40 is a heavy-duty 4” construction trash pump, specifically design for construction sites and other places where high volume of trash water is needed. It moves the most water (423 gal. /min capacity) for the Honda water pump line-up; and comes with the Honda GX Series commercial engine that is easy to maintain, along with a heavy-duty frame protection and durable parts.


Built with similar tough parts as the WB20, this WB30 3” Honda water pump can be used for general purposes. The durable Honda GX series commercial grade engine guarantees not just great starting but also ample power for the toughest conditions.


When we think of Honda products we think of durability and this 2” water pump represents this and much more. WB20 is built to last with its heavy duty frame protection, cast iron volute and durable silicon carbide mechanical seals. It is easy to start and is perfect for those tough jobs that require a little more high pressure performance.


With a supply of 64psi, ideally for sprinklers or nozzles, the WH20 is another model of water pump (2”) created by Honda. It can be used for a variety of jobs that requires high pressure and its maintenance is easy.


Honda WH15 Water Pump is a 1.5” high pressure pump that produces excellent results in irrigation or for pumping water over longer periods. It’s easy to maintain, start and transport.


The EG6500CX is another unmatched Honda generator in its own right! It comes in dual voltage capacity that delivers 6500 Watts which makes it perfect for professional users who require toughness, reliability and performance for the most demanding jobs. It has both electric and recoil starters and Digital Auto Voltage Regulator (D-AVR) which makes starting up very easy and power output observable. It’s available in both pull and electric start (CXS) or just the pull start feature (CX) models.


Honda has taken it up to one more notch with this 5000watts generator that is frequently described as an incredible powerhouse. Built with a new Digital Automatic Voltage Regulator (D-AVR) technology which guarantees your electronics safety. Additionally, it produces low noise and its net weight of 82.52kg allows it to be use for many purposes.


A manual generator with a range of portable capabilities (whether you may need it for farming, industrial work, mining or domestic use), let the Honda EG4000CX be the one for you! It features a larger fuel tank of 24 litres which extended its operational time to 11.9 hours. It delivers smooth and quiet power due to its anti-vibration engine mounts and large noise-suppressing mufflers.

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