We were told the SUV is supposed to be big. We made it small. It’s supposed to be useful, not fun. We managed both. It’s supposed to be bulky. We built it nimble. With its versatile, sporty, and of course, stunning demeanor, the HR-V is ready to change the way you view an SUV into something fun and exciting.

Multi-Information Display

Storage Options

Beauty from within

Admire the beauty of the world starting from the inside. Play with the smart touch points, feel cool airflow from the triple air vent design, and get comfortable with the expansive interior. Whatever your point of view is, you’re guaranteed inspiring views with your HR-V.

Versatility Rules

There’s always more than one way to get to where you’re going. And with the HR-V, there are multiple ways to pack the things you take along for the ride. There’s plenty of space for passengers in the HR-V, but with a flexible 2nd-row Magic Seat, you can configure the interior to suit your needs.

Enhance your look

A unique and dynamic appearance along with a solid stance and couple-like cabin shape give the HR-V a bold look. Whichever way you look at it, the HR-V is a luxurious and sporty piece of machinery

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At Marics, we believe in offering exceptional customer service and value our customer’s feedback which will aid in further building and promoting the Honda brand. We are optimistic that the Honda brand will continue to succeed in our local market due to its durability, innovation and technological achievements.


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